Drop temp area

Door gaskets/ door seals

Various types/sizes of commercial fridge door seals available. Push in and flat back door seals can be made to customer specification.

Strip curtains PVC

Prevent ingress of warm air to cold rooms & refrigerated vehicles, eliminating extra compressor time in maintaining low temperature. Permits closer control of and minimises wasted energy in extra cooling.

Air curtain

Properly installed air curtains cut cold air loss and reduce himidity, thus reducing the load on refrigeration or air-conditioning plant and thereby saving energy by reducing compressor running time.


Remote control and/or self contained. Polyurethane pressure injected, auto evaporation. fully adjustable shelves.

Ice machine

GOURMET CUBES: MODELS MC/EC/AC/CD – Round bell shaped cube – 20g. The machine size rangesfrom 24.5 kg units for use in coffee shops right up to the 660 kg unit for large restaurants. SUPER DICE CUBES: MODELS MV – Square chocolate slab cubes – 13g. The range covers 130 kg to 485 kgs and is commonly found in chain restaurants and bars.

Glass shelving

Glass thermopane coldroom


Tempered glass, Extra large Condenser and Evaporator with 14mm thick aluminium fins. Extended compressor life due to lower working head pressure. A cabinet that is able to withstand higher ambient temperatures. Lower electricity consumption. Low noise fan blades. Robust Epoxy coated shelves.