Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Fridges and Commercial Freezers

Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Fridges and Commercial Freezers

Thanks to relatively recent improvements in refrigeration technology, the question of how to save energy on your company’s electricity bills is one that can be solved in a myriad of ways. The improvements being implemented into modern commercial fridges, commercial freezers, cold rooms, and other such equipment allow considerable savings to be realistically possible.

Commercial fridges, commercial freezers, and cold rooms have become an integral component of the food industry as a whole. The costs of running this equipment make for some of their highest expenses, so advances in insulation and compressor technology are a welcome development.

Despite these welcome developments, there is always space for improvement, such as action to be taken on behalf of the various businesses in the food industry. With that said, this article will present a number of energy saving tips, useful for business owners in reducing expenses wherever possible.

Energy Saving Tips for Food Industry Businesses

In the use of commercial equipment such as cold rooms, the question of how to save energy extends past the purchasing of newer, more efficient equipment. There are also easy steps that business owners can follow to assist in this endeavour.

As such, below are a number of energy saving tips.

Anti-Sweat Heaters

Anti-sweat heaters are designed to be used for removing the condensation on commercial fridges and commercial freezers. Condensation can be problematic in a grocery store or a bottle store in obscuring the products from view.
This essentially means that a customer would need to open the door to properly see the products, and therefore means that the doors will be opened more often, meaning that the freezers, fridges, and cold rooms expend more energy in keeping the products at the desired temperature.

These heaters take up a considerable amount of energy and contribute to a higher electricity bill. As such, good energy saving tips include to only turn them one when condensation begins to form. Alternatively, adaptive controls for these devices can be installed that allows them to automatically activate and deactivate as necessary.

How to Save Energy with Door Gaskets and Auto Closers

Door gaskets are an important component of fridges, freezers, and cold rooms. The purpose of the gasket is to ensure that warm, humid air can’t enter through the edges of the entrances and reach the interior of the cooling solution itself, which results in energy wastage.

Auto closers are another important component of the cooling solution. Being selfexplanatory, they automatically close the door to the fridge or freezer when not being held open. If these malfunction, or don’t close the door all the way, this can result in even more warm and humid air entering the storage space and spoiling the products.

Here, the best energy saving tips are to ensure that both of these components are working properly.Therefore, Regularly checking door gaskets to ensure they are creating a sufficient seal between the inside and outside of the fridges is a good idea. As well, make sure that the auto closers are doing just that.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning of Commercial Fridges, Commercial Freezers, and Cold Rooms

On a frequent and regular basis, it’s important to ensure that the various cooling equipment and storage of the business is cleaned and maintained. This not only serves to ensure that the equipment functions at the best possible efficiency, but also reduces the chance of breakdowns and insufficient cooling.

This is especially true of the cooling machinery itself. Regularly checking the compressor, and the heat transfer coils that remove excess heat within the fridge , ensures that the entire system functions properly. As the question of how to save energy stands, this is one of the most crucial steps to follow.

As well as the equipment, it’s a good idea to make sure that there is optimum airflow through the storage area for cold air to circulate. Also, make sure that the heat transfer coils have enough space between themselves and the products to make sure that cold air can be transferred efficiently.

Dedication to Energy Saving, and Helping our Clients’ Bottom Line

GB Refrigeration are specialists in the installation of commercial fridges, commercial freezers, and cold rooms. We use the latest in cooling solutions to ensure that our client’s products receive the best possible solutions.
This, in combination with our dedication to energy saving and efficiency where possible, means that we are able to meet and exceed our clients’ specifications and expectations respectively.

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